It's important to make sure that all fruits and vegetables are thoroughly cleaned before consuming. Much of produce bought in stores can have dirt, pesticide and other harmful residues. 

  • Fit Spray and other natural produce sprays are great for cleaning and washing your produce efficiently. Just a few sprays removes any wax, pesticide and residues from your fruits and vegetables.  Natural cleaners can be made with just a little vinegar and lemon. 
  • When cleaning produce, allow them to soak in water for at least 5 minutes. This allows the dirt to fall and softens any buildup on the surfaces. Once cleaning is finished, make sure to dry all produce as moisture can easily cause rot. 
  • When cleaning lettuces, drain most of the mositure from the delicate leaves and lay flat in a large bowl or flat container. Cover the surface of the lettuce with a moist paper towel and replace when needed. This makes sure your lettuces stay crisp and fresh.