Untitled-1 Calling all Chocolate Lovers and Animal Lovers!  When Andy from Sucre contacted me about sending me some samples from their fabulous company I was absolutely ecstatic!  Free gourmet chocolates? YES PLEASE! These handmade chocolates are crafted from the finest ingredients available in New Orleans and this year they have teamed up with the Louisiana SPCA to raise money for the animals of the Louisiana SPCA.  So not only are you indulging in these decadent little morsels but you are helping out animals who need homes as well :)


Sucre sent me two types of samples --one was an artisan chocolate bar with Sicilian Pistachios and Candied Rose Petals.  It was a beautiful milk chocolate bar sprinkled full of bright green pistachios and delicate sugar coated rose petals.  The combination worked really well together, the crunchiness of the petals and light floral notes paired perfectly with the nuttiness of the pistachios.

Food Blog 013

The smooth and rich milk chocolate was absolutely divine.  You couldn't help but notice how it automatically curved your mouth into a smile.  It wasn't overly sweet or heavy, it melted perfectly upon your tongue.


The second was a box of truffles -- there were 3 kinds: Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Truffle, Candy Cane White Chocolate Truffle, and Eggnog Dark Chocolate Truffle.  The chocolates were encased in a beautiful teal box (reminiscent of Tiffany's), and nestled inside were these beautifully hand crafted treasures.  The chocolates looked like they were all individually hand painted, they were so pretty that I almost felt bad eating them...ALMOST.

Food Blog 009

The Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Truffle is a unique special blend of holiday spices mixed with milk chocolate ganache and then surrounded by a milk chocolate shell.  You really can taste the gingerbread in this one, it's absolutely delicious -- my fiance said it tasted like Christmas!

The Candy Cane White Chocolate Truffle is a velvety white chocolate ganache that is infused with bits of peppermint pieces in a pure white chocolate shell.  This one was my FAVORITE, I love the combination of peppermint and chocolate together.  The white chocolate was so creamy and meshed perfectly with the mintiness of the peppermint, it's like an Andes mint but 1000 times better!

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The Eggnog Dark Chocolate Tuffle is a mix of traditional holiday eggnog and white chocolate captured in a dark chocolate shell.  The dark chocolate was fantastic, the slight bitterness mixed well with the eggnog.

You know to be honest, I'm not even a huge chocolate lover, but after receiving these chocolates from Sucre I think I have discovered a newfound love... I polished off the entire box last night without feeling an ounce of guilt.  You really can taste the care and attention that went into these little morsels of heaven, from the hand painted designs down to the robust flavors of their ganaches-- this New Orleans based company really is something special.

Bon Bon1

I highly recommend Sucre to my fellow readers, it would make a wonderful gift for your loved ones during the holidays or maybe just a gift to yourself :).  Plus, with an adorable spokesmodel like BonBon how could you say no?

Andy was also kind enough to offer a discount to my readers -- here are some great discounts!

Offer #1: FREE shipping ($9.95 value) on all orders over $70 per address  Code: BONBON

Offer #2: $10.00 off orders over $70 – (this can be multiple addresses) Code: SUCRE

Offer #3: $5 off of shipping Code: SPCA