Mealtime Market

Last weekend my boss had a wonderful Vegas-themed birthday event at his beautiful home.  I thought I'd do a quick post to show you all the treats and goodies that were passed around (and quickly consumed).

The entire house was transformed to a Vegas casino, they had card tables and life sized dice, a fully stocked bar and a Vegas styled buffet.  If I wasn't working the event I am pretty sure I'd have a martini in one hand and taking all of then men's money in the other :)  Oh did I forget to mention I was a card shark?

We started off the night passing around some Saigon Chicken Spoons -- pulled chicken topped with a Thai cucumber slaw.  Nice, light and refreshing, it was definitely a crowd pleaser for the night.  I actually had to sneak a couple in myself when no one was watching!

Next were Garlic Crostinis two ways: One with Baby Heirloom Tomatoes and Goat Cheese topped with Fresh Basil and the other was Red Grapes and Tampenade with Goat Cheese.  Both were very good, the red grape and tampenade made a very interesting combination!

Now, onto the vegas styled buffet!  Marco was manning the meat carving station where he served a Salt and Herb Crusted Tenderloin and Chicken Picatta. I did not have the chance to sneak bites of these but they both smelled absolutely delicious!

MY FAVORITE -- a potato-tini bar!  I actually had my first potato-tini experience at my friend's wedding, I thought it was so cute!  I mean who doesn't love mashed potatoes, but then you shove it in a martini glass?  You are eating mashed potatoes with style my friend...

Oh and let's not forget to mention all the incredible toppings: fresh bacon bits (not the nasty processed bacos), sauteed mushrooms, green onions, sour cream *gasps* my goodness I wish I had one right now actually...And lovely Becky even elegantly pipes your potatoes into your martini glass!

Unfortunately I was unable to take anyone's money that night, boys are sore losers anyways so I'll consider that a good thing :)  Everyone was having a fabulous time, as you can see -- the only thing missing were the Vegas styled burlesque dancers!

And here was my station, the bar.  It was a pretty popular station all night to say the least -- the signature drink being a "Harry-Bob", which was a concoction of spiced rum, coconut syrup and a little bit of cherry syrup, all topped off with a little orange juice.  I also served the little kids martinis, VIRGIN martinis that is.  Come on, what kind of bartender do you think I am?  I would simply pour some sparkling water with a shot of flavored syrup in martini glasses, they were getting a huge kick out of this.  I had one little 6 year old boy run up to my table -- "EXCUSE ME!!  EXCUSE ME!!!! I need another martini please, strawberry."  Who would've known kids are so sophisticated now and days?

I think after a couple cocktails (or four), the energy of the party definitely got kicked up a notch.  The kids were bouncing off the walls upstairs (perhaps a product of too many martinis?) and the adults were busily chattering and laughing and gambling the night away.

It definitely was a successful birthday celebration.  Towards the end of the night I saw some glazy eyes, at one point there was a live concert outside and I think the children had a bouncy house to play in (I totally would've partaked in this but I didn't want my boss to think I was off my rocker).  People started to switch to water and non alcoholic drinks, which tells me I definitely did my job correctly :) The stronger the drinks the better right?  Or was that just the saying in college?

I think my favorite part of catering events is watching the energy slowly develop.  In the beginning it's always a little quiet, everyone is sniffing each other out, meet and greets, even body language is a little reserved.  But throw in some alcohol and some darn good food the energy snowballs into an upbeat boisterous party -- people throwing their heads back laughing hysterically, others busily chatting while hovering over the good eats (others at the bar).  All awkward feelings of nervousness is left at the door, and all you have left are people being themselves connecting with each other through great conversation, excellent food and yummy drinks.

I would like to thank my friend Kristi Hamilton over at The Geeky Gourmet for giving me this wonderful award. I recently met Kristi over the wonderful world of food blogging and she is an absolute sweetheart.  She show cases her delicious healthy meals that she whips up in her kitchen so you should definitely check it out.

So I guess the rules were to list 10 Honest things about me and pass on the award to 10 other bloggers.  Well I'm going to switch it up a bit and instead of awarding this to only 10 I'd like to extend this award to all my fellow food blogging friends.  I think you are all deserving of this award (and many others) for the time and efforts that you guys put into your work, it is always a pleasure to see other people's interpretations and creations!

10 honest things

  • I was born in Shanghai and moved to the states when I was 2.
  • When I was 5 years old I flew out of a car, almost drowned in a pool, and had a tendon in my ankle severed in a biking accident.
  • I always challenge people to eating contests but I seldom win.
  • I have vowed to not eat fast food once this year.
  • I have played piano since I was 5 and went to a performing arts highschool for piano.
  • I only play classical.
  • 80% of my friends are guys.  I can count my close girlfriends on a little more than one hand ( A hand and a half).
  • I pass gas in my sleep, not frequently but it definitely happens.
  • I can do one pull-up.
  • I am entering my very first race and it's called the Warrior Dash.  What convinced me?  You get a viking hat at the end.

Okay guys that's it, I may have shared a little too much honesty in this one but hey sharing is caring right?  Have a good weekend folks, stay tuned for some of the best EFFIN french macaroons I've ever tasted.  (No I didn't make them)