The Value of Friendship

Life. A confusing concept, widely unknown, highly unpredictable and often challenging.  I remember how simple it use to be, when days use to consist of coloring in the lines, playing with barbie dolls and going on field trips.  Then time slowly takes it away and you wake up one day and it's been replaced by bills, family and relationship problems, and all the other "fun" forks in the road that life throws at you.  That's when friendship comes in.  But not just any friendship, a true friendship.  One that saves you when life can be unjust and difficult or just plain crappy.  One that will always tell you the truth, even when no one else will.  One that truly understands you inside and out and will never judge you despite all the stupid things you've done.

I've known Courtney since the 6th grade - and we were inseperable with our stirrup pants, bad perms, questional haircuts and bright blue eyeshadow - don't deny it, we were hot.  We spent so much time together you'd never see one without the other, and even after spending the entire day at school together the first thing we'd do when we got home was call each other.  We never ran out of things to talk about, and we deemed each other as "sisters".  We'd always tell each other "You're my other half!" and even to this day, that holds true to my heart.

Though we never attended the same school together after middle school, we still remained best friends for many years.  But with time and the distance we slowly began to drift apart.  The phone calls became less frequent, we both became too busy to visit each other and eventually it became the occasional "hey what's up? how's it goin?".  I think we both felt it but didn't want to admit it because after all these years of being best friends, how can you suddenly not be?

A few months ago, Courtney finally said "Joy I don't think our friendship is the way it use to be."  I felt an extreme pang of guilt because I knew she was right and I should've said something earlier.  How stupid to think I could've potentially have lost one of my closest and dearest friends ironically because of my fear of losing her.  But I guess that's what best friends do.  Step up to the plate and say something, break down the facade and delusions and face reality, and fight for each other because it's not easy to find a sister, your other half, your ever lasting rock.

So we made a commitment to each other we would work together to strengthen our friendship back to what it use to be but better -- because all relationships take work.  It had been so long since we both did anything together so we booked a room at Lakeway Resort and Spa in Austin, and enjoyed a beautiful weekend catching up right where we left off.

There's something special about the friends you grow up with.  You know each other's deepest darkest secrets, you've been through hell and back, and after all these years (13 to be exact) there's invaluable comfort and familiarity that you have with each other.  I honestly couldn't imagine life without her, it'd definitely be a much more scary place that's for sure.  The value of a friendship, a true friendship, is priceless.  There's nothing in the world like it and to be fortunate enough to have it, I've learned now to never ever let it slip away again.

Thank you Courtney for always being a wonderful friend, for loving me despite my faults and flaws and for understanding me when no one else could.  I am looking forward to a lifetime of friendship and taking the journey through all the trials and tribulations in this so-called life together. I love you best friend, forever and always!


I'd like to thank Tammy from Lakeway Resorts and Claudia from Big Noise for setting the two of us up in such a wonderful room!  It was exactly what we needed: relaxation, good food and a great view.    The staff was extremely cordial and I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking for a private getaway from the city!