How to Cook Eggs: Part 3

Okay eggheads, it's the last chapter of the egg series -- thus far we've learned to hard boil, soft cook, and poach an egg. Don't worry, I've saved the best for last: fried eggs and scrambled eggs. Can I get an AMEN? Nothing beats a perfectly fried egg with crispy edges cooked to a nice golden brown with a little pocket of buttery yolky goodness in the center. For you egg lovers, egg heaven is here.  Master the fried egg in 4 simple steps...


Scrambled eggs was actually my fondest "American Breakfast" memory -- the good ole fashioned scramble never fails to please!  Now the secret to light fluffy eggs is slowly cooking them over medium heat while keeping a watchful eye.  By moving the spatula often it keeps the eggs from browning, hence the term "scramble".  As the egg cooks it will begin to clump together to form soft curds.  When there is no more runny egg mixture remaining, immediately remove from the pan as it will continue cooking and serve immediately.

Today I am featuring another 15-minute recipe.  YES I KNOW, I am on a freakin roll here!  Rachel Ray needs to cook faster because this year ALL my recipes will be 15-minutes!!!!  Okay, so I lied -_- I'm sorry, you can stop jumping up and down and get down from that chair now...  But I do solemnly promise to include more 15-minute meals to encourage new cooks to get in the kitchen and try something new :). For all you Houston folks, who's been to Baby Barnaby's? It's one of my favorite cozy breakfast joints every time I go back home -- my favorite item on the menu?  Their Green Eggs -- packed with Jack cheese, spinach and artichoke hearts it's one of those breakfasts that makes you feel like you could tackle the world head-on that day.  So feel like a champion this morning with a punch of protein and a zap of calcium and don't forget your vitamin C by having a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice.  Yes 15 minutes, no chopping, no measuring, just a little mixing and cooking and you are done, yes you're welcome.

Green Eggs Recipe (Inspired by Baby Barnaby's) serves 2; prep time: 5 minutes total cooking time: 15 minutes

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 Tb milk
  • 2 tsp butter
  • ¼ c artichoke hearts
  • ¼ c jack cheese
  • ½ c spinach
  • Kosher salt pepper to taste

In a medium bowl beat 4 eggs with 2 tablespoons of milk, season with a pinch of salt and pepper.  Melt 2 teaspoons of butter in a skillet over medium heat.  Once butter begins to bubble, add the egg mixture into the pan.  With a spatula move the eggs around the pan, pushing the more cooked eggs towards the center while allowing the liquid to run towards the edge of the pan.  Once the eggs begin to form soft curds, about a minute -- stir in the jack cheese spinach and artichokes.  Continue to cook eggs by moving the mixture around with a heat-safe spatula til the eggs are set and spinach has softened, about 2-3 minutes.  Serve hot with a side of toast and fresh fruit.