A 2011 Review

It's been a good year. I started my own business.

I made lots of yummy food, mostly healthy with some desserts.

I got married and had a Hallowedding.

I started a garden; though a challenging year, it was still a good one.

I traveled to Costa Rica, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium.

I learned more about love  and the many ways that it's beautiful.

I met some of the best chefs in Dallas.

And even had the chance to try some of their food...



I went to California and discovered heaven in a tomato and waves of peace in an ocean.


I photographed a few weddings and look forward to more next year.


I started my first film project -- 1-2 Simple Cooking and it was awesome.  Can't wait to show you guys soon!


I became more connected to nature, to food, and most importantly, myself.

I learned the best way to live life is to be yourself - chase fearlessly, choose wisely and always love openly.  Life is too short to live otherwise.


Thanks to everyone who made this year so special.  I can't wait to see what 2012 will have in store.  Happy New Year to you!