Japan in Photos: Part 1

Time flies when you're having fun...it's hard to believe in a blink of an eye February suddenly melted into April. It's been a year since our honeymoon in Europe and this year, we decided our International target would be Japan.  Ah Japan! The land of the rising sun.The mysterious place of robots and gadgets and machines and home to the best sushi and kobe you'll ever taste. I was ready to explore her wonders and I prayed (perhaps a little too hard) that we'd see some Sakura blossoms. We had the luxury of staying with a friend for this trip. A long time friend actually, one I've known back when we were just little twerps in high school.  It's refreshing to see how far we've come along, how much we've grown up, and how our lives are gradually starting to take shape. Thank you Alex for your wonderful hospitality and time, to many more years of friendship (and headlocks)!



Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow: Off to pick up Eric!