Orange Ginger Popsicles

Oranges are my go to fruit anytime I need an immunity boost. On top of being packed with vitamin C, it's dense in phytonutrients and antioxidants, making it great for your skin. With Summer just around the corner, I tend to gravitate towards lighter and healthier desserts and popsicles are perfect as they are crazy simple to make and the flavor combinations are endless. 


For these popsicles, I had a good amount of ginger syrup leftover that I made for cocktails during a brunch get together and thought it'd pair nicely with the sweet and tanginess of oranges. If we took the sun and molded it into popsicle form, I imagine this is what you'd get -- the flavors are bright, refreshing with just the right amount of bite.


orange popsicles

Feel free to grate some fresh ginger into the mixture if you want even more bite or omit completely if you're not a fan. These would also be great during brunch served in cups alongside some bubbly champagne. 

For the popsicle molds, these are the ones I use at home but you can easily use 2 oz dixie cups as well. You can buy popsicle sticks just about anywhere or order them online



serves 6-8; yields 2 cups popsicle mixture 

Juice 6 oranges and strain out pulp. Mix with water and ginger syrup and pour mixture into popsicle molds or small (2-ounce) paper cups.  

Freeze until beginning to set, about 1 hour. Insert popsicle sticks and freeze until completely firm. Dip the molds briefly in hot water to make un-molding easier.  


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